"I'm an Optimist with a Poor Memory"


My story goes like this...


I was born and raised in Utah and I expect this is where I will die. My parents taught my five brothers, my sister, and me to  put our faith in the Lord.  I spent my childhood daydreaming about raising a family of my own on a property with a white picket fence, a couple of horses in the barn, and a lovely home with a gracious front porch. That's not exactly how things worked out.  I never did get a barn or a pony but home is my happy place and we do have a nice front porch.  


My husband and I have been married for nearly 30 years, he is my best friend, greatest cheerleader, and the source of much hilarity; he is my hero.  Our four children are all adults now and very independent, I am constantly blown away that these amazing people call me mom.  We're not quite empty nesters yet (2 children married, 2 single and still living at home) but most days it feels like they've all flown the nest as all of our children are busy chasing life.  


I am an optimist with a poor memory - this combination makes for contentment and a joyful cheery outlook as it means that I will try just about any project that sparks my interest because I optimistically believe it's going to be FABULOUS.  If I imagine doing something it's just about as good as done - or at least the supplies to get it done will be purchased tomorrow... the actual finished project may be a while in coming haha.  Lucky for me my husband loves me anyway.  This blog is all about the tangents I follow in pursuit of self expression through homemaking.


Finally, If you're wondering about the strange blog name... I like some whimsy in my decoration and a little comfort food can take the rough edges off a hard day (aka toast).  So there you have it:  WhimsyToast - sorta sums it up in a single sound bite.


Thanks for stopping by.