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Quality Will Out

The Fresco Sectional Sofa from Casco Bay Furniture of North Carolina (pictured above) is so well made it'll look brand new for decades - literally decades. Take a look at this list of AWESOME features: eight way hand-tied springs, 100% kiln-dried 5/4 hardwood frame with double dowel corner blocking, soy based ultracel 2.5 lb 25 IFD spring cushions with down blend wrap (cushions are available in 3 grades, this is their highest quality option). There are several fabric and leather upholstery options on their product line. Brompton Italian Leather is their top of the line leather option (my personal favorite). In spite of all that they do to their sofas they are priced at 1/2 - 1/3 of he price you would pay for equal quality competiting sofas (you couldn't do more to a sofa than they have done in this example). What's more I can vouch for them personally. After lots and lots of shopping and research (not to mention years of buying and living with subpar upholstery) I ordered a sofa from Casco Bar Furniture (Petite Manchester Sofa, pictured below) and from day one my entire family LOVED it (Brompton Italian leather with the top of the line spring down cushions).

They have excellent customer service, their product is unrivaled, and their designs are timeless. I love Casco Bay Furniture and I'm saving up to purchase another sofa, a chair, and an ottoman to go with the Petite Manchester I already purchased. I expect it will last me 50 years while remaining comfortable and looking gorgeous the entire time.

Note: My last set of leather furniture was from Natuzzi and lasted my family (with 4 young, growing children) 20 years and was still resaleable when I decided to trade up to the Casco Bay sofa. I have learned from sorry experience that in upholstered furniture construction is the MOST important part of the equation. If you want your upholstered pieces to look good for decades AND remain comfortable the whole time you've got to invest in quality construction and materials. Casco Bay Furniture ROCKS if you're looking for the best furniture that money can buy absolutely trust Casco Bay Furniture. Enough Said.

p.s. Casco Bay Furniture did not sponsor this post - they don't even know that I'm writing it haha.

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