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Polishing the Porch

We're enjoying the warmer weather of spring and friends are sharing their spring decor projects. My friend Kaley Mailo sent me a picture of her BEAUTIFUL spring tulip wreath and I wanted one for my own door. The purple tulips in her arrangement would have been stunning against the butter yellow of my front door. I say would have been because when I went to the craft store to purchase some deep purple tulips there were none to be found. Too little, too late.

I did find a few blooms in purple that I thought would work and snapped those up. Then I remembered that I had a "wall pocket" I'd been saving for just such a project and thought I would go for a bouquet rather than a wreath.

So now my front door is ready for warmer weather but the rest of the porch is in sorry shape. I'm rethinking this years' color scheme entirely based on my new door bouquet.

Tangent: I usually have one decoration for the front door per season so this is going to be my summer arrangement. I know that lilacs are traditionally a spring time bloom but there are some varieties available now that re-bloom throughout the warm weather, coneflowers stretch into the warmer months and hydrangeas are a summer flower so I think I can get away with this arrangement for summer. I love the way the purple pops against that yellow door.

Back to the point: The door has inspired me. I've decided to paint my black rocking chairs and glider white this year (they are due for new paint - I'll post results in a future blog), put down a cheerful yellow and white floorcloth (another DIY project - you coat the floorcloth with varnish which keeps the color from getting stained and dirty), change out my flower pots (the old ones are crumbling), plant some yellow, purple, and white blooms, and make some fade resistant pillows in purple and green. I've already found and ordered the fabric for the floorcloth and pillows (the "purple" is actually more cobalt than purple but I couldn't find what I was after in a fade resistant fabric) and I've also purchased new pots for the porch.

Now to put in the labor to make it all a reality. This could be a while in coming, enthusiasm is in larger supply than actual free time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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