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Keeping it Clean

As this is only my third post since starting this blog it should be pretty obvious that this is not a sponsored post. Just in case it's not as obvious as I think it is let me state: this is not a sponsored post. That being said let's get on with it...

I love my Oreck Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine. I have used it to clean vinyl strip flooring (wood plank style vinyl strips), tile floors, and frieze wall to wall carpeting and I have had excellent results every, single, time. To clean hard floors like tile, cement, and linoleum you just attach a bristle brush, put some cleaner on the floor, scrub it around, and mop up the dirty water, and then mop with clean water. Voila clean floors AND clean grout. Love love love it. For hardwood, delicate stones floors, and carpets you attach a bonnet pad which is a thick round looped pad of indeterminate fiber content. To clean wood floors you dip the cleaning pad in a water and soap dilution appropriate for wood floors and ring out the excess so it's just damp and then go to town buffing off the filth and reviewing the beauty. Done and done. Same method for stone floors. If you want to clean carpets you

Note: You can find how-to videos showing people actually cleaning floors with this machine on YouTube that are very enlightening as to method and results.

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