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A Restful Bed

"If you want to change the world

start off by making your bed."

- U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven

If you haven't seen the 2014 commencement speech by Admiral McRaven I recommend you watch it - good stuff (20 minutes long, bed making starts at 4.45).

I agree with Admiral McRaven - start the day by making your bed... my reasons for doing so are less impressive than the Admiral's reasons. 1) After a long day there is nothing like climbing into a well made bed with freshly clean sheets, pure Heaven. 2) Making the bed first thing gives you an immediate and easy win - you accomplished something right away. 3) Getting up and getting after it will be one good habit which will inspire many more good habits.

So how do you make the bed?

This is how I do it 1) I like to start by spraying the mattress pad with Febreze and let that air out for a few minutes before making the bed each morning (it's a good time to brush my teeth). If you haven't tried the Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedding Refresher in Moonlit Lavender give it a try, it's lovely (not a paid endorsement it's just a product I love).

2) If you're due for fresh sheets embrace the opportunity for clean, delicious linens... more than one week? it's time. 3) I do like to use both a fitted and a flat sheet for a few reasons: I'm warmer with a flat sheet than without and I usually run cold AND when it's summertime and gets too hot for blankets I still want at least a sheet.

4) I love a down comforter or a down alternative comforter, I like the loft and the look.

5) Then I have a very thin coverlet on my bed. I found this particular coverlet on Amazon and I like it because it's a double wedding ring pattern which has some fun history for the marriage bed (details at the end of this post) and because it's oversized so I don't have to worry about the comforter or sheets peaking out from under the quilt. Yes, that would bug me and I would actually truly worry about how to solve this pathetic OCD "problem". No I do not have genuine full blown OCD my house can be a mess and I can still function but I still prefer it tidy.

6) Next is a genuine quilt which does show comforter and sheets if you don't have something decorative underneath it because it's a little too short to get the job done by itself (seems to be a very common problem in bedding manufacture, annoys me). I like this blue quilt for color and also for the lacy looking scalloped edge.

7) Finally I put on another quilt with a coordinating pattern for added interest. Since I run cold I WANT this quilt in the winter but I fold it up at night during the summer.

8) Finally pillows... First Blue pillows that match the blue comforter, second polka dot standard size pillows (because they match the fitted sheets I have on my box springs (more about that in a minute). Third are white pillows that match the oversized white quilt, then I have three purely decorative pillows: orange, cream with embroidery, and tan (from Home Goods). That's it, the bed is made and I'm onto the next chore - whatever that might be.

*Regarding Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Being a fairly difficult pattern to piece because of all the curves in the pattern this was not a beginner pattern. Young women would start with quilts that had straighter line and work up to this pattern as an advanced pattern. Adding each quilt to their hope chest to use in their own home as a married lady. That being the case the double wedding ring quilt was generally reserved as the quilt that would go on the marriage bed and was often made for an engagement or wedding. The interlocking rings have been found as ornamentation as early as the fourth century Rome. The interlocking ring was also a design used on the "gimmal ring" which were popular in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. During the engagement one ring was worn by the man and the other by the woman and when they were married the two rings were fitted together to be worn by the wife. The double wedding ring quilt pattern is thought to bring luck to a married couple and foster a feeling of being one. Anyway, this design has a romantic history and I like a good story.

*Regarding fitted sheets on box spring: I LOVE a printed sheet on the box spring. Then even when you fail to make the bed it's still got a little style when viewed from the side. For a twin or queen size bed it's just one fitted sheet and you're done. For a King size bed you need two "Extra Long Twin" fitted sheets to get the job done. Pattern on fitted sheets it's not the easiest thing to find at a reasonable price and it's down right scarce on store shelves. I found my Tommy Hilfiger sheets at Home Goods which is also where I found the printed twin size quilt on top the bed. Home Goods is one of my favorite places to browse and I often find things to feather my nest at a reasonable price there. Just did a search and it looks like Tommy Hilfiger "Novelty Print Sheets" are on a closeout at Macy's right now - Happy Hunting.