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Kent & LaFaye - The Grands

My Grandpa Kent Harmon passed away on February 10th of this year at the age of 95. At the time I thought that my Grandma LaFaye Harmon had another two+ years left in her tank. She has had chronic pain for many years but otherwise for a 94 year old woman she seemed to be doing very well indeed, all things considered.

After Grandpa passed she went downhill very quickly and she passed away on April 20, 2016 at 8:45 PM. They were both wonderful people and you couldn't ask for better grandparents. They led honorable lives and set a great example of living as a loving and supportive couple. I will miss them both very deeply.

This country will be 240 years old in 2016 this means that my grandparents have witnessed 40% of all United States History; amazing. This nation has seen triumphs and tears a plenty but throughout it all the one constant has been change. If you don't like the direction things are going just wait, it'll change.


Today I wanted to take a moment to recognize my grandparents - I like to refer to them as "The Grands" (they are actually the Harmon's haha). They have been the source of much good in the world. They raised their children to be hard working, honest, and charitable and they took every opportunity to serve their fellowmen. The world is a better place because they were here. It is painful to say goodbye, even though they have led very full lives of accomplishment and joy. I feel the loss but I am certain that I will see them again in the next life. I know that "The Grands" are in a better place, they are together, they are happy and youthful and progressing every day to a greater, glorious eternity. I believe this is true with every fiber of my being. Families Can Be Together Forever. It is a great comfort to me knowing that we will be together again after this life.