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Favorite Sources


I'm so jazzed about this new project and all my favorite sources that I am doing my first ever giveaway. It's not a high roller prize but it is a couple of things that I totally ADORE and think anyone who is into hearth and home would totally enjoy. I'm giving away ONE set of 8 Pioneer Woman Water Glasses (prize #1) and I am giving away One Pioneer Woman Cake Stand (prize #2). They are about equal in monetary value but as far as I am concerned you can't quantify the sheer pleasure that comes from having beautiful things close to hand and both these prizes easily qualify.

How To Enter:

Make a comment at the end of this post on or before May 14, 2016 at 11:59 PM Mountain Saving Tme. That's it. Please see my Promotions page for complete giveaway details and disclaimers. I am excited to share a couple of my favorite things with friends.

What's Inspiring Me Today:

I'm cooking up a project with my daughter who writes a lifestyle and fashion blog of her own. She's been at it much longer than I have and her work has inspired mine:

The Style Gala

She's got beauty, brains, and ambition. When I get to chance to brag on my children it makes my day. So here's a little more bragging... If you prefer the video version to the written blog format you can check out the video my Son Daniel made for her. He has a videography business at Daniel does weddings, missionary films, adventure, and travel videos and he's working on building his corporate portfolio as well. At this very moment he is in California resting up for a wedding shoot on Saturday (same day this will post).

Back on topic... Sarah wants a do-over for her office and I am beyond THRILLED to be helping with this project. We haven't talked about budget but I am aiming to spend under $500 for the complete overhaul. It's a small space, maybe 10x10 so with the help of my favorite sources I am thinking this is within the realm of possibility. Gorgeous office on a budget is the goal.

I'll be spending a lot of time online and haunting the aisles at my favorite places to source beautiful bargains. Can't wait to get started. Haha I already started but I haven't told my daughter yet because she's busy studying her brains out working to pull the highest possible grades on her coding classes. She'll be visiting me on Saturday for Mother's Day (so sweet, makes me happy) - which is when this blog will actually post - so I'll tell her what I've got planned when we manage to get together later.

Anyway, if you're looking for lovliness to feather your nest here are some of my favorite places to hunt...

My Own Home:

I've been collecting decor for nearly 3 decades and there are some very nice pieces that need to make someone else happy because too much isn't more... too much is called hoarding. I've got my eye on the rug in the attic and a cool dress form that's sitting in my own office but would be much better suited to a fashion blogger's space.

If you read my post on the "Danger Zone" then you know this lovely rug is rolled up in my attic... depending on what Sarah wants to do with color I might be willing to share.

KSL Classifieds: This is an obvious first stop for me. If you don't have a KSL Classifieds section in your home state try Craigslist (which I also searched but didn't have as stellar luck). Seems like Utah natives all know and use KSL. The surprise I have for Sarah is pictured below. Needs paint and updated hardware but this will look great in her space, if she's willing to change the layout of the room. If not I can make a serious profit once I give this beauty a makeover. Either option works for me.


If you're not from Utah you probably know and use Craigslist. In Utah there tends to be a larger stock on KSL than there is at Craigslist. I love them both. Buying or selling on KSL and Craigslist will get your DIY plans up an.

Everything decor from the itty bitty to the serious stuff... one of my most recent purchases at Wayfair was for my own office I bought a FANTASTIC love seat for my office as a birthday gift to myself last year - LOVE it!! That's a picture of the loveseat I purchased below (I had it made in chocolate brown leather not this caramel color) it cost me $1,700 and I ordered it based on dimensions, satisfaction guarantees, customer reviews of Wayfair in general and this loveseat in particular AND details about the materials used in the construction. As I said on my post "Quality Will Out" materials are of primary importance if you want longterm beauty and comfort from your upholstered furniture. And may I just say my husband was all like, "What??? How can you purchase a loveseat you haven't seen or sat on through the internet?" After the delivery service - which was just as awesome as customer reviews said it would be - dropped it off upstairs (yes they unpacked it and carried it up the stairs to my office) my husband was totally impressed with how perfectly it fit our space (very careful dimension comparisons on my part) and he totally LOVES this sofa. When we want to retreat from the uproar in the family room (Daniel, Joshua, cousins, friends) we retreat to our office and watch a film while sitting on this loveseat. Or just sit there and talk about the day. Divine. Strong Recommend!! Oh yeah, AND Wayfair does a credit accrual program where you earn funds that can be spent on other items at their site for future purchases. Gold Star Wayfair!!


Desk accessories, lighting, ottomans, garden stools, boxwood, clocks, picture frames. Before you ask... no, I am not boycotting Target for their new bathroom policy. I am not concerned about the bathroom issue. I have never thought public restrooms to be a particularly safe place to spend time. This is true whether you're talking caliber of cleanliness or the type of people who might hang out in a rest stop looking for someone to harass. They aren't a safe place, they've never been safe places, having said my peace; yes, I'm a fan of Target for product and price and I will continue to shop there... until their prices over-reach or their product line loses style. It seems the trend at Target has been greater design and continued value pricing so I don't see that happening anytime soon. For example I just bought the mint colored version of the lamp in the picture below for just $30 and I felt that was a very fair price for great style and function.

Home Goods:

Lamps, furniture, side tables, linens, pillows, accent pieces. Pretty consistently high quality, often times lots of unique, and very reasonable prices. Love them. They are responsible for a large portion of my cake stand collection. In fact I bought a lovely white porcelain cake stand that had a scalloped edge with small cutouts in it to allow you to thread a ribbon through the holes around the rim. Then my sweet daughter went out and bought me the exact same cake stand not knowing that I had already purchased one myself. I use both of them. Hers sits in my kitchen window holding a lovely Boston fern and the one I purchased comes out to serve as a drink dispenser stand at parties.

Hobby Lobby:

Baskets, word art, lanterns, craft supplies, accessories, inspiration, ironwork. Also can I just say I love that they are closed on Sunday's - keeping the Sabbath Day Holy - total respect. As someone who co-owned a bricks and mortar retail store for six years I know how customers complain that Sunday is their favorite day to shop and browse for home furnishings and decor (my store was a furniture and decor consignment store) and they were certain that if we would open on Sundays we would be so much more successful. Well I have personally witnessed that keeping Heavenly Laws pays serious and consistent blessings. I respect a business that runs on religious principles. Also they have something (or many somethings) on sale for 50% off on a rotating basis (always bargains to be had easy peasy) and if you want something that is not already on sale you may purchase one item at 40% off using their store coupon that can be accessed simply by doing a smart phone search for "Hobby Lobby Coupon" and they'll give you the discount just by glancing at your phone when you're at the cash register. Serious score!!


Lamps, and artwork are my 2 faves there but that doesn't stop me buying accent pieces. Funny story I searched and searched the inventory at both and for some nice artwork for my great room makeover and I found this print that I was going to have framed. Then I went to Gordman's to browse and found the same print as canvas art with an unusual frame treatment for about the same cost as the print I had just purchased haha. I bought the canvas art and returned the poster. So pleased.

World Market:

Dishes, Art, Baskets (got a basket that I made into a "tree collar" for my Christmas tree two years ago - TOTALLY Fab Darling - I'll show that off in December). Also, I have spent the day looking for a desk chair like the one pictured below and most are $600 to $800 causing many Pinterest users to wonder about getting any old chair they like and attaching a 5 wheel office chair base to get the look for less. Well if you're not so handy as that and your budget stretches to $260 (price includes purchase + shipping cost) you could pick this beauty up from World Market; notice how there are no arms per se so you can push this sweet seat right up to the desk when not in use. I'm giving it a strong consideration but it's probably beyond our reach because it's just over half the budget I want to keep. Also this is the only color option and I was thinking an electric pink or perhaps a turquoise blue or a navy chair would be fun for this project. There's always fabric spray paint if you're adventurous - just saying.

Ballard Design:

Accent furniture, Inspiration, Dishes, Cake Stands. I own a couple of their apothecary jars (I have a serious glass jar addiction). And their super tall Cake dome (cake stands are another of my serious collections) and I also own that table that you see in this picture. I seriously LOVE this table. It has a mercury glass like antiqued mirror insert, the base is handsome and sturdy and I can fit this just about anywhere I want a book, a drink, and a pair of reading glasses (old age comes to us all). Joshua had this in his bedroom while he was recovering from his tonsillectomy in January 2016 because his drinks and soft foods wouldn't leave permanent marks. Right now it lives in the office next to the loveseat that I purchased from Wayfair. It's holding TV remotes and a pair of reading glasses that I use when I'm doing some hand work or mending clothing. So handsome and versatile and it's part of the Bring Home Ballard campaign so you can get a discount off the regular price.

Artwork, Accents, Organization (mostly clothes but they do have household items too). I have a 3 piece canvas artwork in my office of some potted geraniums that I bought from Zulilly, it makes me so happy every time I look at it - it's the height of summer in the dead of winter. I find it transformative. The geranium triptych that I purchased is no longer available (I've had it for about 3 years now) but this aqua vase full of Cosmos is so cheerful and the colors are both bold and soothing. I would totally buy this one if I could find a wall space to display it - absolutely to my taste - it measures 15x20 and it's on canvas for just $35 I think that's a pretty darn good deal.


Furniture, art, accessories, mirror, textiles, greenery, plant pots. I have their plant pots all over the place - in fact there is one on my front porch acting as a container garden this year. A few years ago my husband and I remodeled the home I grew up in and then we furnished and rented the house to business and vacation travelers. That house had several pieces from their Hemnes line and when we ultimately sold the house the new owner paid extra to keep the large wall system we had installed in the basement family room - I put it together myself, so proud. Anyway, that wall unit made the room and our whole family felt like that was the best room in the house. My parents are still using two of the Hemnes dressers that we bought for that house. On this project with Sarah I am crushing on a row of their Hemnes bookshelves to live behind her new desk. Go ikea!!

Joss &

I window shop there regularly but it's usually beyond my small time budget constraints but not always... Right now I'm crushing on the Vivienne Chandelier priced at about $174.

You can buy just about anything there and sometimes you get a seriously great bargain, it's always worth checking out. That's where I bought the carpet pictured below (also mentioned in my blog on the "Danger Zone." My rug is living in our Master Bedroom these days.

Rugs, Chandeliers (just $119 for the one below which hangs in my office with burlap shades that I also ordered there haha), lightbulbs, art supplies, lamps, . I have to say if you watch TV and you don't have Amazon Prime you are missing out. It's approximately $100 per year for their Prime membership unless you're a student or something then it might be less than that. Anyway, for the price of that annual fee you get LOTS of free content that you can watch on your computer OR if you buy a Prime Fire Stick starting at about $39 you can plug into a USB port on your TV and stream their content to your TV set. This alone makes them competitive with Netflix and Hulu. On top of that you get Prime Music (more free content) which I'm listening to right now as I write this post (might explain how CRAZY long this post is) and - this is the best part - FREE 2 day shipping on all Amazon Prime products. I've bought everything from "Real Salt" to a $1,200 drone from Amazon Prime and their return and customer service is almost as AMAZING as Coscto's policy. Amazon is taking over the world one service at a time. Now if they would just make more episodes of Sneaky Pete (a Prime Original - you can watch the pilot episode, awesome writing and cast) my Amazon Prime experience would transcend any other consumer experience to date. P.s. I also subscribe to their Audible audio book service - keeps me on task when I'm ironing, vacuuming, washing dishes, whatever. Too bad I can't afford to buy their stock because I spend all my money on their merchandise instead (closed 5/6/2016 at $673.95 per share). If you've got the money to spend I would put some into their stock but you shouldn't take investing tips from decorating bloggers haha.

Well what can I say... their Better Homes and Gardens line is value price and usually has some very fresh offerings. But then again I've always been a fan of Better Homes and Garden's magazine and I usually have an active print subscription. Now that they've got the Pioneer Woman on board there are some serious acquisitions to be made there. I LOVE the Pioneer Woman dishes. I've bought a couple dozen of her blue water glasses, 2 of the matching watcher pitchers, her measuring cups, some of her sandwich plates, one very sweet knife, and my most recent acquisition (tied for favorite with the water glasses) is her Jade glass Cake Stand. So happy with all of the above and I keep one of the water glasses on each of our master bedroom nightstands at all times because they are so pretty AND super practical. Can't beat that with a stick (this is a legit idiom... means you're unlikely to find a better deal or outcome anywhere else).

Anyway, so looking forward to the Office Do-Over Project at

The Style Gala

Thank you for your long suffering rapt attention.