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Winners & Sneak Peek

The Giveaway deadline hit at midnight on May 15th and thanks to we have 2 winners. Drum roll please... Nancy Salvesen and Kaley Cook won our prizes. Hooray!!

Congratulations to our winners!!

Thanks to everyone who participated and left comments - I love comments they give me the warm and tinglies in my toes. Anyway, ahem, back to business. I have already collected the mailing addresses from our winners and their prizes are ordered and on their way. Cake Stand Winner: Nancy Salvesen

Set of 8 Water Glasses Winner: Kaley Cook

Thought you guys might like a sneak peak on the progress for the office project...

I spent Friday painting the desk and then on Saturday Sarah and I painted the ceiling, closet and walls in the space. I'm heading back on Saturday to do the trim work but we brought the desk into the space on Saturday so I could have more room to work on the remaining furniture that is getting a paint job in my garage this week.

As far the as the budget goal of $500 for the whole do-over project goes... I got carried away and went over budget. This is how the expenses break down:


  • 2 matching bookcases from Draper for $100 total

  • 1 bookcase from Holladay for $30

  • executive desk from Murray for $25

  • cabinet to store shoes from American Fork $50


  • Desk Chair for $120


  • Chandelier: $100

Fashion Cabinets

  • Getting the desktop cut down to size (it was awkwardly large) and all edged routed $70

Home Depot

  • Behr Paint 1 gallon for the ceiling, 1 gallon for the walls, 1 gallon for the furniture $90

Savage Glass

  • Glass Top for the Desk - splurged right over the budget: $80

My House - Free

  • 8x10 rug out of the attic

  • Dress Mannequin

  • Set of drapes

  • Drapery Hardware

  • Artwork

  • Accessories

  • Trim Paint (I have LOTS of paint at my house haha)

Result We blew the budget!! We spent $665 doing the office over. There are several places we could have economized... we could have bought a desk chair on KSL. I found a really cool one for $45 but it had arms and we wanted a no arms chair AND it was VERY vintage and we were going for a more modern look in this space so we vetoed that option.

Also I could've found and painted a used chandelier on KSL but I wasn't having any luck that direction this time and the chandelier is going to hang right over the desk and will be a feature of the room so we splurged again. Also I could've sealed the paint with Urethane and skipped the glass topper (saving $80) and I could've left the desk top longer and more awkward and saved $70 so we could've stayed under budget but let's be honest we prefer the results as they are and we're okay with a $165 overage for this project. We're not finished putting everything together yet because all the furniture is getting a makeover but it's coming along nicely and we're pretty excited about the results thus far.

Those are pieces and parts for the chandelier on the floor haha. I think we'll be finished next Saturday WaHoo!! Life is good when you've got a project.